Tuesday Bible Study at the CON

Our Tuesday Bible Study at the CON looks at musical themes, characters and narratives in the Bible - with a new focus each week.


What to expect? Well, the group has so far studied Zadok the Priest (Handel), The Procession of the Queen of Sheba (also Handel). This led to several weeks looking at the lives of Saul, David and Solomon, plus discussions about the place of music in worship, ceremony and ritual, and a fabulous discussion about what makes a good leader, and how we choose our leaders (qualities to look for).
Most recently, they looked at the Ark of the Covenant, reading Exodus 25, but also going back to David's adventures with the Ark, plus the unfortunate tale of Uzzah (2 Samuel 6) - which was a discussion on movie soundtracks and the sacred objects used in worship. 
Following Bible Study, at 2:00pm the group then meets for a casual lunch in the newly reopened Music Cafe. 

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