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Christian Students Uniting is an inter-denominational Christian group on campus at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), University of Technology Sydney (UTS), University of Sydney (USYD), Conservatorium of Music (CON) and Macquarie University (MQ). We are disciples committed to following Jesus as Lord and sharing God's Word with the world.

Our time together is about faith, fun, biblical sholarship, Radical Discipleship, justice and community.

Feel free to drop in to one of or Bibles Studies or social events or check us out on Facebook.

  • Latest from the blog

    Liquid Droplets and Frozen Crystals

    I’m sitting on the veranda. My housemates and I are interspersed between potted plants, while our other housemate has just raided the local park for new plants to propagate. You can hear cars whirring down the Inner West Link, birds chirping and the tactile clicking of keys as I type away while the sun begins to set.
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    Justice and Volunteering: Unpacking My 'Why'

    In a Christian Students Uniting (CSU) Bible study a year or two ago, the question came up of “How different would your life look if you weren’t a Christian?”. This question was really challenging to think about, and I struggled to be able to answer it. I found myself wondering how much of my life is simply the result of my upbringing and genetics, and how much is influenced by my walk with Christ. What would be different if I wasn’t a Christian? And what should be different? Needless to say, this question led to an internal existential crisis that is still going on today (what can I say, I am a bit of a dramatic person).
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