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What does it mean for us to be church if we can’t physically gather?

With the rapid escalation of circumstances around COVID-19 in the last two weeks, our face-to-face gatherings have been cancelled or moved online. As a result, many of us are left feeling sad, feeling lost, stressed and anxious.  In a recent press conference, the Prime Minister Scott Morrison described what we are facing as a 1 in 100 year event. Which is true, the last time the world saw something like this it was in 1918 with the outbreak of the Spanish flu. And a key difference between now and then is social media, technology and software that allows all of us to experience this whole thing together - at once. We aren’t just seeing what is happening in our pocket of the world, we are experiencing these events over and over again. And in the midst of all this we are physically losing the connection to places and people in our lives that are our community and identity. Continue reading

Practical Ways to Pray

Rev. Andrew Johnson, UNSW Chaplain & Minister at Hope Uniting Church talks about a few practical ways that he approaches prayer.

Much to Celebrate, Much to Strive For

Andrew McCloud - Tertiary Ministry Organiser marching in Mardi Gras with Uniting Network 2018 Greetings! My name is Andrew McCloud and I am the new Tertiary Ministry Organiser with the Presbytery of Sydney. I spent the last couple of years working at Leichhardt Uniting Church and Christian Students Uniting (CSU) at Sydney University. And now I am taking on a role to work with the Uniting Church’s young people across the Sydney region. More on this later. For now, let’s talk about the Uniting Church more broadly… Continue reading

A Local Win for People Seeking Asylum & Early Childhood Education

For the first time in Australia, a Local Sydney Council will provide free Early Childhood Education & Care (ECEC) to families seeking asylum. Representatives from the Uniting Church and Christian Students Uniting were proud to join the Sydney Alliance team that campaigned for this significant decision. - Continue reading

Putting my faith into words

As a writer and composer, I spend a lot of time telling stories. Sometimes these are stories that belong to other people, and sometimes they are very much my own. Over the past two years I have started to write more about my faith in a creative context, as I believe the heart of my vocation is to bring my art and my discipleship together. Continue reading

Aretha and Singing for Freedom

Continuing our blog series on music, art and faith - CSU Mission Worker Andrew McCloud reflects on the passing of the great Aretha Franklin, her role in the Civil Rights Movement and how music is an expression of our humanity.   Continue reading

Storytelling, Music and Faith

By Gabrielle Cadenhead.   Narratives and storytelling are among the core aspects of being human. The stories we tell about others and ourselves shape our relationships and reflect our beliefs. And it is stories that help to inspire empathy with those in situations far removed from ours. Continue reading

Prayer Practices

  The Bible tells us that prayer is an important spiritual practice for connecting with God, but between all our busy commitments it can sometimes be hard to be intentional about prayer. Rev Bec Lindsay from Hope Uniting Church shares with us some simple yet meaningful ideas for practicing prayer that can be used wherever you may be - at home, in your church or small group, or even at work or Uni. Check them out below!    Continue reading

Reading the Minor Prophets: Nahum

As part of our Bible Studies at Sydney Uni this semester we are exploring the Minor Prophets.  This week we learned more about the book of Nahum which is a collection of poems announcing the downfall of Assyria, one of Israel's worst oppressors.  Continue reading

Reading the Minor Prophets: Micah

This week at Sydney Uni Bible Studies we are learnt all about the book of Micah as part of our series on the Minor Prophets from the Old Testament. In the book Micah announces that God's justice is coming in order to create a new future of love and faithfulness on the other side of Israel's sin and exile.  Continue reading