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Where art thou?:

The Macquarie University Chaplaincy is located in the Macquarie University Sustainability Office (9 Hadenfield Ave).

Contact:  [email protected]

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Mac Uni Staff:

Chaplain - Rev. John Dacey

Contact:  [email protected]


Associate Chaplain - Mikali Anagnostis

Contact: [email protected]

About Me:

Hey, I'm Mikali and I'm one of the mission workers at Macquarie University. I started studying at Macquarie at the beginning of 2019, doing Bachelors of Arts and Science. Being a biology major, I’m particularly passionate about environmental justice and how it relates to our faith. It has been a huge joy to find a community of faith on campus who share this. I feel very lucky to be part of a community who inquire deeply of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus today and who follow that where it takes them; even if that is into places that don't look like the usual scenery for church!
When I'm not at uni, you can find me gardening (usually unsuccessfully), trying to escape to the beach and bush or just lost on a train trying hopelessly to navigate myself through Sydney. I'm a bit of a bible nerd and had a short stint at theological college before coming to uni. I find it especially beautiful seeing the way those ancient stories come alive in different ways in different communities and I love hearing from the diverse perspectives people bring to our little CSU community at Macquarie.