Macquarie University

Events & Activities:

Join CSU at MQ for Tuesday Bible Study (as well as teas & treats) 3pm onwards, at the Chaplaincy Space 17WW, Level 4

'Gathered Conversations' - 7pm, every 3rd and 5th Tuesday of the month at Epping Uniting Church.


Where art thou?:

The Macquarie University Chaplaincy is located on Level 4, 17 Wally’s Walk (formerly C5C) Next to Campus Commons. 


CSU Mac Uni facebook page: 

Mac Uni Staff:

Associate Chaplain - Emma Jackson



About me: 

Hi my name is Emma, and I am the Associate Chaplain for CSU at Macquarie University. Alongside of working at the Uni Chaplaincy Centre I am also currently doing my Honours degree in Psychology, and writing my thesis - which means I inevitably spend A LOT of time on campus!

I love CSU because it allows me to put my energy behind events on campus that push the boundaries of how I understand my faith, in particular developing a Queer Theology.

In my minimal spare time, cooking shows and crime shows are my weakness, and I am still waiting for the perfect crime show set around the Great British Bake-off.