Macquarie University

Events & Activities:

Tuesdays 5-6pm, 'A Book Club for the Bible'. 

Deep dive into stories from the Bible over tea and treats! Meet in the inner courtyard of 17 Wally’s Walk (C5C) at Macquarie Uni.

'Gathered Conversations' - 7pm, every 3rd and 5th Tuesday of the month at Epping Uniting Church.


Where art thou?:

The Macquarie University Chaplaincy is located on Level 4, 17 Wally’s Walk (formerly C5C) Next to Campus Commons. 


CSU Mac Uni facebook page: 


Mac Uni Staff:


Chaplain - Liam Miller

Contact: // 0419 593 568

About me: 

Hi there, I'm Liam the CSU Chaplain at Macquarie Uni. I have been working in the Chaplaincy at MQ since early 2012 and have loved being able to explore and live out the Christian faith with a bunch of students and staff across that time.

I’m pretty nerdy when it comes to theology, so it is always thrilling for me to get to engage in discussions on campus about the creative and liberating call of God and how it intersects with all aspects of our lives (individually and communally).

It is the privilege of university ministry to be able to partner with so many passionate people from all cultures and creeds and to work for a campus and society that values personhood, kindness, and justice.

We were asked to say what we’re binging on Netflix, but I can’t shake my old ‘completest’ habit of collecting DVD series. Regardless of form I love binge-watching TV, and currently I am watching Mad Men.


Mission Worker - Emma Jackson


About me: 

Hi my name is Emma, and I am the Mission Worker for CSU at Macquarie University. Alongside of working at the Uni Chaplaincy Centre I am also currently doing my Honours degree in Psychology, and writing my thesis - which means I inevitably spend A LOT of time on campus!

I love CSU because it allows me to put my energy behind events on campus that push the boundaries of how I understand my faith, in particular developing a Queer Theology.

In my minimal spare time, cooking shows and crime shows are my weakness, and I am still waiting for the perfect crime show set around the Great British Bake-off.