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The UTS Multifaith Chaplaincy Centre is located in the Bon March Building (Building 3), level 5.

Contact: [email protected]

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UTS Staff:


Chaplain - Rev. David Gore

Contact: [email protected] // 0412 820 023

About me: 

Hi there I am Rev David Gore, minister at MustardSeed Ultimo Uniting Church and Uniting Church Chaplain at UTS. 

In the past I have been a Graphic Designer, Numeracy and Literacy tutor, and a Teacher of English to speakers of other languages. These days I enjoy reading ancient and classic texts and exploring the wisdom and truth they offer to us today.  I confess to being a bit of a philosophy/theology nerd!

I also enjoy the zen meditation of swimming a couple of kms several times a week and I walk as much as I can to my various commitments and responsibilities around this fair city.

But most of all, I live from a profound conviction that Jesus of Nazareth lived and taught eternal truth that, if we follow him in his way, brings the most profound fullness of life that stands beyond time.

Working with CSU provides the opportunity to explore the important things of life with students who are making decisions about how they will make their own contribution to our world.

I’m a big fan of both the TV shows Rake and Jack Irish… I suspect that might tell you more about me than I would like it to!