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Where art thou?

We are based at Port Macquarie Uniting Church, 1 Sherwood Road, Port Macquarie 2444.

Contact: [email protected]

Find us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/christianstudentsunitingPortMac


Port Mac Staff:

Chaplain - Rev. Tau’alofa Anga’aelangi

Ordained Deacon in the Uniting Church in Australia. A first generation Tongan-Australia, currently living in Port Macquarie.

Contact: [email protected]  // 0401481 773

About me: 

My role as a Spiritual advisor is consisted on pastorally caring for students, university staff and wider community. We create space to explore, question our/their faith and encourage denominational and interfaith dialogues. Exploring faith, through study, sharing a meal and worship. This is all about flipping our faith into action! Advocating Jesus life in public or embodying faith as protest in creative ways  of life.

One of the things I love about being a chaplain/Spiritual advisor at Charles Sturt University, is connecting with students and the privilege of witnessing weddings, birthdays and graduations! These are precious moment, and I’m forever grateful that students trust and have confidence in us to be present with their family and friends. Lastly, is the opportunity experiences to talanoa (Story, telling, conversation) WITH/in community is an absolute gem in Tertiary ministry.

Talanoa is a term used by many but not all of the islands in Oceania. The term has three basic meanings story, telling, and conversation. A story that you have that story is Talanoa, when you tell a story the telling the process of telling is Talanoa, and when you have conversation with your colleagues or friends or your critics that conversation is also Talanoa. It has three meanings Talanoa is a practise it is a way of thinking, rather than a theory of concept. Talanoa is a way of being, it's a way of being that forms us and this applies to natives and non-natives because we are all involved in Talanoa.  ” J.Havea