weekly bible studies:

Tuesday 1-2pm, “Saintly Thinking: People that Formed our Faith”

This will be a week-by-week exploration of key theologians and their impacts on the church today (including Bonhoeffer, St Augustine and St Francis of Assisi to name a few!).


Thursday 11-12pm, “Theological Deep-Dive: Walter Brueggemann”

Old Testament scholar, modern-day prophet, and world-class preacher.


Where art thou?

The UNSW Chaplaincy is located on Level 3 of the Squarehouse, room 305D. The Squarehouse is located next to Roundhouse near Anzac Parade.

Contact: [email protected]

Find us on facebook: www.facebook.com/christianstudentsuniting


UNSW Staff:


Chaplain - Rev. Andrew Johnson 

Contact:  [email protected] // 0421 436 498

About me: 

Hey there, I’m Andrew, the Uniting Church chaplain at UNSW – which I also tag team with my role as the Ministry Team Leader at Hope UCA in Maroubra. I also take up daily residence in the café in the Tyree Building at UNSW if anyone wants to catch up.

I’ve been involved in chaplaincy for a while now, and it is still genuinely amazing to be a part of a group engaging with the bible and to see how it’s radical call to 'love-like-Jesus-does' can transform our lives.

I can also guarantee you a conversation around AFL and why Collingwood is the true faith. Currently watching Borgen, Rake and Play School on Netflix.

Mission Worker - Naomi Boulton

Contact:  [email protected]

About me: 

Hi I'm Naomi, one of the Mission Workers at UNSW where I also am studying Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering. 
When I’m not studying, having fun with CSU, or rock climbing, I work as a stocktaker.

I am passionate about finding ways of applying engineering to helping improve people’s lives, such as recently working in Malawi (Africa) on a project looking at using technology to improve healthcare. I also enjoy a spontaneous music jam sesh with my incredible housemates and friends.

As a mission worker with CSU I love being able to organise events where people can have fun spending time together, have discussions around the Bible, and tackle the hard questions about Christianity and what it means for our lives.

I regularly follow the advice of “if someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later” but this often leads to taking on too many things and not getting enough sleep (but who needs sleep anyway). If you ever run into me in the hallway, say hi!

Mission Worker - Ian Powell

Contact:  [email protected]

About me:

Hey I'm Ian, one of the Mission Workers for CSU at UNSW. Being a Mission Worker involves organising a lot of community activities and social events, as well as lovingly beleaguering people to bible studies :)

As a student, I’m in my fourth year of study in an exciting combination of statistics and biochemistry, and have a rather keen interest in public health.

As a typical nerd-type, I often spend my holidays playing games or reading books, while during semester I roll around practicing aikido (and have been known to step out in Latin dance!) or re-watch children’s movies (of which How to Train Your Dragon is definitely the best).

Through my time at CSU, I’ve come to love the community that I am part of and it’s wonderful in my role to see that grow and develop.