Vision Statement: 

Renewing the church in faithful climate action through hope, community, and relationship. 


Our Identity (Who We Are) 

● We are a group of Christian students and affiliates committed to transformative climate justice. 

● We are guided by the ethos of the Uniting Church in Australia, as outlined in the Basis of Union and the Covenant with UAICC. This motivates us to drive climate action within and beyond the Church. 

● We believe that everyone is created in the image of God, and approach our activism with an ethic of loving-kindness; practising radical hope, deep listening and relationship. 

● We are motivated to care for and be stewards of God’s Creation. 

Our Mission (Why We Are) 

● We believe that acting on climate justice is a core expression of our faith. As young people, we bear witness to the explicit and implicit connections between faith formation and care for Creation. 

● We believe that there can be no climate justice without justice for First Nations Peoples. 

● We recognise that the experience of climate change is not uniform across all communities, impacting some more acutely than others. Therefore, climate action as a social movement must involve listening to marginalised and disadvantaged communities. 

● We believe that acting on climate justice is central to loving our neighbours. 

Our Values (How We Are) 

● We strongly affirm the custodianship of First Nations Peoples of the lands now called Australia since time immemorial. We seek relationship, that our action may be led by their communities and knowledge. 

● We are committed to leading the Church alongside other UCA bodies, with a community organising approach and a focus on action. 

● We work towards a full realisation of God’s Kingdom on earth and find hope in glimpses of that Kingdom now. 

● We foster a culture of care for both creation and one another that values rest and emphasises pastoral needs. 

● We value connection through relationship, to deepen existing links and to extend compassion beyond the familiarity of our own spaces. 

● We are committed to a culture of reflection; evaluation of our identity, purpose and action to continue to grow and learn together. 

● We value diversity in all forms by elevating and encouraging the leadership and inclusion of people of colour, women, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Download a copy of the Charter & Vision Statement HERE.