Community, friendship and shared values are really important to me. At a time when I was feeling particularly vulnerable in my early 20s, Epworth House gave me a safe place to be myself and to continue my studies. My housemates and I would bond over Netflix, cooking, conversations about life in your 20s and what it means to follow Jesus.

This was an affirming and formational time for me and gave me a space to think, grow and learn. This experience set me up to transition into the workforce with confidence and to continue pursuing my personal and vocational goals. Plus, the friendships I made are ones that continue to be an important part of my life.

Epworth House is located in Leichhardt, which is close to University of Sydney (USYD) and University of Technology Sydney (UTS). In the heart of the Inner West, there is always something going on and the city is a stone’s throw away.

One of the big advantages of living at Epworth House is its connection to Leichhardt Uniting Church (LUC) and Christian Students Uniting (CSU). Epworth House is next door to LUC and CSU is the on-campus Uniting Church student group at the USYD, UTS and UNSW. Living at Epworth House meant I was able to dive into a community as soon as I moved in. My housemates and I would attend church together and hang out at Uni. All this time together meant it didn’t take long to feel at home.

I’m am extremely thankful for the time I got to spend in the community at Epworth House. It was more than just living in a share house, it was really doing life alongside each other and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

- Andrew McCloud.

Leichhardt Uniting Church Mission Worker.
Jono Hirt


Comms Manager at Sydney Presbytery